Litter U, standard poodle puppies exsp 21

Finn Hemsborg W/Wirothi poodles have puppies plan for 2021.

Hopefully the puppies will be born in feb 2020.

Please feel free to contact us for more informationšŸ˜Š

  • Anton - Wirothi's Moutain High

    More pictures of the litter will come here šŸ˜Š

  • Kaija - Wirothi's Lionzed

    Kaija have :
    Hips A
    Albow 0-0
    Eye checked UA

    # Degenerative Myelopathy - PCR
    Result: Genotype N/N (exon 2)-Not Carry.

    # vWD Type I
    Result: Genotype N/N - Not Carry.

    # Neonatal Encephalopathy - News) - PCR
    Result: Genotype N/N (Not carry)

    # Prcd-PRA (partner lab) - PCR
    Result: Genotype N/N (A) (Not Carry - A)

    # Progressive Retinal Atrophy (rcd4 PRA) - PCR - Not carry.
    Owners: Finn and Kjersti Hemsborg, Skien

  • Pedigree