Awsome Game In Seattle '' Kåre''

(Ch.Lakebridge Summer In Seattle x Awesome Love Of Dove) 



Breeder:CarolEdholm, Sweden



Our young boy who will not be a show dog, but he is a very nice dog  with very good temperament 😍 

  • Kåre, 4 months old.

    I young guy from Sweden, line from Europa and US.

  • Pedigree


Wirothi's Mountain High '' Anton''

(CH.Molinoux Ment To Be A King x Bergtjenna Black Fariy Tail Wiroti)


Black, color code BBee

Hips A, Albow 0

Eye checked 03.03.2020


He is BOB/BOS winner as puppy and adult just 12 months old. 

A very nice cute boy, who live with fam. Evjen in Porsgrunn 

Hopefully you wil see him more in the show ring from 2020.


N. DK.Ch. DKJW -15 Wirothi's First Level "Charlie"

(Ch.Ankaru`s High Level x Ch.Wirothi`s Eyecathaer) 


Hip A, NE Tested Free, Eye checked UA And he is also Wwd tested- Clear.

Color; Black-  BBEE (Dominant black )


Charlie live now in Gratangen wirh his owner. He has been at show and is a BOB winner. Nice good dog who is 61 cm high.

Owner: Kine Odden Jensen and Hilde Fiskerstrand 

Charlie will may be awailable for breeding for stable bitches. 

 Frozen seemen is av. in Oslo, talk with us if
 you want to use frozen seemen.