Litter M, Standard poodles

Bergtjenna Fairy Tail Wiroti.

Standardpoodle puppies litter M :

Ch. Molineux Ment to Be A King x Bergtjenna Fairy Tail Wiroti 

Black and white puppies will be born in Aug. 18

You can read more about the litter here later on.  


Please feel free to contact us for more information. Smiler











Puppies pedigree litter M:

1 generation

2 generation

3 generation
4 generation



Ch.Barbican Rsvp-Degana ,Blk



Ch.Dajmens Black Magic
Ch.Frisita's Tia Maria


Ch.Ankaru's Ahrex Arami, blk, Hip A

Ch.Hallifax Febee Yo To Ankaru
Ch,Avatar Concord, Blk,Hip A

Ch. Molineux Meent To Be A King


Hallifax Willma,
Blk,hip A



Ch.Topscore Contradiction,



Ch.Schpindel' Dont Walk Over Me,
Blk, Hip A
Ch.Schpindel' Crush On You,
Blk, Hip A


Memories Special Angel Eyes, hip A

Ch.Zelante's General Edifidel,Blk,HipA



Ch.Memories Picture 'o You,
Hip A
Ch.Memories One Step Closer,blk,
Hip A 
Ch.Kaylen's Reason To Believe,Blk
 CH.Dacun Kaylens He's A Heartbreaker,
W, HipA
Ch. Dacun's Marquee Diamond
 Ch.Huffish On Tour, Blk, HipA
 Ch.Huffish On EveryStreet,Blk,H B
 Ch.Racketeer Street Poetry,
Bk,Hip A
Huffish Hot Racketeer,Blk, Hip A 
Bergtjenna Black Fairy Tail Wiroti,
blk, HipA
Ch.Cabernets Journey To Sir Ascot,
Blk, HipB
 Ch Wirothi´s Real Love,W, Hip A
Ch.Topscore Between Sheets.Blk, HipA
 Ch.Begtjenna Touted By An Angel Blk,HipB
Ch.Watten´s Windhapper,Blk HipB 
Wirothi´s Whim WhamBlk, Hip A
Kudos Ask, blk, HipB