Litter M, Standard poodles

Standardpoodle puppies litter M :

Ch. Molineux Ment to Be A King x Bergtjenna Fairy Tail Wiroti 

Black and white puppies will be born in Aug. 18

You can read more about the litter here later on.

14.08.18: 1 black girl and one black male are born. 


Please feel free to contact us for more information. 🙂

 03.10.18. Both of them is sold










Puppies pedigree litter M:

1 generation

2 generation

3 generation
4 generation



Ch.Barbican Rsvp-Degana ,Blk



Ch.Dajmens Black Magic
Ch.Frisita's Tia Maria


Ch.Ankaru's Ahrex Arami, blk, Hip A

Ch.Hallifax Febee Yo To Ankaru
Ch,Avatar Concord, Blk,Hip A

Ch. Molineux Meent To Be A King


Hallifax Willma,
Blk,hip A



Ch.Topscore Contradiction,



Ch.Schpindel' Dont Walk Over Me,
Blk, Hip A
Ch.Schpindel' Crush On You,
Blk, Hip A


Memories Special Angel Eyes, hip A

Ch.Zelante's General Edifidel,Blk,HipA



Ch.Memories Picture 'o You,
Hip A
Ch.Memories One Step Closer,blk,
Hip A 
Ch.Kaylen's Reason To Believe,Blk
 CH.Dacun Kaylens He's A Heartbreaker,
W, HipA
Ch. Dacun's Marquee Diamond
 Ch.Huffish On Tour, Blk, HipA
 Ch.Huffish On EveryStreet,Blk,H B
 Ch.Racketeer Street Poetry,
Bk,Hip A
Huffish Hot Racketeer,Blk, Hip A 
Bergtjenna Black Fairy Tail Wiroti,
blk, HipA
Ch.Cabernets Journey To Sir Ascot,
Blk, HipB
 Ch Wirothi´s Real Love,W, Hip A
Ch.Topscore Between Sheets.Blk, HipA
 Ch.Begtjenna Touted By An Angel Blk,HipB
Ch.Watten´s Windhapper,Blk HipB 
Wirothi´s Whim WhamBlk, Hip A
Kudos Ask, blk, HipB



  • Puppies about 3.5 weeks old

    Puppies about 3,5 weeks old

  • In the garden

  • Puppies about 5 weeks old

  • The female 5 weeks old

  • Both of the puppies 7 weeks old

  • Male 7 weeks old

  • The male 8.5 weeks old

  • The female 8.5 weeks old

  • Wirothi's Mountain Sweetheart - Kleo