Berg&Blåne Glamorize "Pia"
Int.Nord.Ch, Nordjv-14,SV-15,Dkjv-14,Njv-14 Berg & Blåne Christmas Dream x Midnight white Yrthp)
Born: 06.01.2016

A- Hips, SIze;38cm.  Eye checked free. Patella checked - normal. PRACD- PRA  tested A.

PRACD 4 tested  A.

Breeder: Ann-Kristin Flo, Hurum

 Pia er vår første mellompuddel, hun er fn, snill og har mye utståling. Vi håper hun vil komme i utstillingsringen i fremtiden. Akkurat nå har vi det morsomt og gøyalt her hjemme. Takk til Ann -Kristin for denne fine hunden.  Hun er BIR winner valp og voksen

Pia is our first medium size poodle, she is nice, kind, and exsp. we hope that she will been seen in the showring later on. now she is just puppy, and have lot of fun at home. thanks to Ann- Kristin fro this nice dog. She is BOB/BOS winner at show.

Pedigree and picture

Standardpoodle, female

Wirothi's OnRush

(Ch.Bar-Non Lock And Load X Ch. Wirothi's Flying High) 

Born, 30.10.2018


Color code tested: BBEE/Black

PRACD - PRA tested: Not carry

PRACD 4 tested: Not Carry

NEWS tested: Not Carry


VWD type1 tested:  Not carry


Beautiful little female, with nice ditales. She will been seen in the show ring, and she is CAC, and BOS/BOB winner

As puppy . 2 times BOB winner, and 1 time Group 4 winner, 5 months old. 


DK.N.DkklCh HCA W-17 Wirothi's Highlights Street '' Maggie''

(Ch. Huffish On Tourx Ch. Wirothi's Eyecatcher)

Born: 02.12.2015

Color:Black/BBEE(dominant black) 

HIP A, Albow 0-0 and NE/News tested clear. Eye checked about 25.07.19- ua /very nice eyes. Blood tested for Epilepsia, Addison and Borelia twice no found. The blood test was nice. 

Maggie is a very nice girl, with good temperament and exsp. She is BOB, Group and BIS winner. 


Dkjv-15 DK.Uch Wirothi`s Flying High "Maija"
(Ch.Ankaru´s High Style x Ch. Wirothi´s Eyecatcher)
Color/Fargeq: Black/sort
Hip/HD A, Albow / Albue 0
Bærer gen BBEE/Sort dominant /Carrier BBEE (black)
NE/NEWS tested clear. 
Eyechecked clear/ Free Aug. 2018
Size; 57.5cm 
Maija  is  a beutiful girl with lots of improvment. . She is BOB/BOS Winner..  Also group and BIS winner
Nordic Ch.DKJV-13 Wirothi`s Eyecather "Selma"
(Ch.Aleph American Idol x Ch.Wìrothi`s Whinny)
Født/Born: 21.08.13
HD/HIP:free A
AD/Elbow: free A
Øyeundersøkt 04.11.2014 u.a/fri/eyetested free 04.11.2014
After NE tedted free parents
Size 57 cm
Eye checked lasr 13.06.17  = U.A 
Selma er etter NE testet free /klar  foreldre./Selma is after NE tested free/ clear parents
Selma is a very nice standardpoodle, she is BOB, BIG and BIS Winner./Selma er ei herlig  storpuddel, hun er BIR og BIS junior vinner. Hun har blitt BIR, BIG og BIS vinner.




 Ch. Barbican Filagree Future
Ch.Filagree Flashback, black
Filagree Fallen Angel  and
Ch.Aleph Amerikan Idol, bk. HipA
Ch.Aleph Talk Of The Town. Black
Ch.King´s Chapagne Taste.Black
Aleph Jesse´s Girl. Black
Ch.Wirothi´s Whinny,Blk,HA 
Ch.Vatten´sWindhapper,Black,B Hip 
Ch.Party -Line Keep On,W, A Hips
 Kudos Ask,Black,B- Hips 
Ch.Vatten´s Magic Embla Af Vallhall,Bk,B hip
Ch Lycos Crazy In Love,White, AHips 
Huffish Splash Santantas,Black, B Hips


Ch.Wirothi´s Whinny "Ida"
(Ch.Vatten´s Windhapper x Kudos Ask)
Født/Born: 08.07.08
PRCD testet-A ogøyelyst fri, Prcd tested -A , eye checked free/clear.
 NE testet fri/Klar  NE tested free/clear
HD/hip; A
 Size: 57cm
Ida is champion from diffenet contries, and  BOS/BOB winner. She was also Cruft Kvalificaded for 2012.  She was number 9 on NPKs list in most winning standardpoodle 2012 with 6 shows. Ida was at shows only to july, and got puppies in August same year.
She lived now in Sandefjord with her nice friends.
Ida er champion fra ulike land, er BIM/BIR vinner. Hun var også Cruft kvalifisert for 2012. , . Hun ble nr 9 på NPKs mestvinnende liste for storpuddel i 2012 med 6 utstillinger. Ida ble stillt frem til juli, fikk valper i august samme år.
Godjenta bor nå i Sandefjord med sine fine venner.
Ch. Brighton Keepsake,
White A -Hips
Ch.Party -Line Keep On,
White, A -Hips
Huffish Funky Pretty,
White,B -Hips
Ch.Vatten´s Magic embla Af Vallhall,
Black, B -Hips
Ch.Dajmens Black Magic,
Black, A Hips
Ch.Vatten´s Windhapper,
Black, B-Hips,
 Ch.Vatten´s Magic Belladonna, 
Black. B-Hips
Kudos Ask,
Black, B –Hips ,NE clear , PRCD tested clear A.
Ch.Huffish Entrapment,
White, A Hips
NE/NEWS tested free
Ch Lycos Crazy In Love,
white, A Hips 
Ch. Lake Cove Love In the Air,
Black, A Hips
Huffish Splash Santantas,
Black, B- Hips
Ch. Splash Extremely Explicit,
Black, A - Hips
Ch. Huffish Funky business,
White, B- Hips

Toypoodle, fenale

Wirothi's NeverStop 

(Ch.Fidel Pocker Face × Pandorans Wildest Dream)

Born: 24.08.18,


After Prcd A tested and eye checked parents.

A young nice female after Connie, who we will keep here with is. You will see here later on in the show ring.

She has been showed 2 times as a puppy. BOB puppy both times. 


Pandoran´s Wildest Dream "Coffee"
(Sahrahill That´s The Way x Pandoran´s Proud Mary)
Født/Born:29.01.2014 (reg.nr: SE17813/2014)
Oppdretter /Breeder: Pandorans,V/ Jane Persson Litzell, Sweden
Picture/ coowner:: Pandorans.
PRACD  Tested  A
Eye checked Nov 2016,  May 2018. Ok.  
Patella 0-0, 
Connie is a beutiful girl with very nice color. She is CAC, BOS and BOB winner/
Connie er  ei veldig flott jente med kjempe fin farge. Hun er cert, Bim og Bir vinner./
Wirothi´s Buttercup "Tina"
(Solnes Glittering Dimond x Ch.Solnes Maigold)
Født/born: 28.02.11 
Forge/color: rød/red
Tina is PRCD tested free -A,Patella u.a 0-0,and eyechecked free,and she is BOB/BOB winner, and has many CAC. 
/Tina er PRCD testet fri - A, Patella u.a  0-0 og øyeundersøkt fri , og er  BIM/BIR vinner, og har flere cert.
 gradgrand  parents
Ch. StardustGentlybon M Toy poodle,
Ch. Znak Zodiaka Toy P, Red
Ch.Sanlis Barlos Amnut . Toy p,
Golden Strike Poco – A Poco.Toy p, Red
Solnes glitter´n Glo Toy P,Apr
Solnes Black Diamond. Toy P, Blk
Solnes Glittering Diamond Toy p,Red


Ch. Solnes Maigold Toy p, Ap
 Ch.Solnes Hard Akt To FollowToy Po, Blk
Ch.Word Virginia´s Spesial Ulik. 
Aconite Golden Yang –Li .Toy P, Apr
Ch. Solnes Peachcanei Toy p, Apr.
Ch.Yamit Muskat Moulin Toy po,Apr
Ch.Ocharovianie Ursalina Zolotistaya

Solnes I Belive In Angeles 

(Ch.Solnes Turkish Noel x Ch. Yamit Muskat Moulin)  

Født/born: 17.07.2009
 Opdretter/breeder:Solnes poodles,dk 
Amy is patella u.a 0/0, and eyetested free,she is BOS/BOB winner with CAC. Amy have given this color: apricot, brown and black.
Amy Live with Marie Lindgren, Bergtjenna Poodles.
Amy er patella u.a: 0/0 og hun er øyestestet fri,hun er BIM/BIR vinner, med cert.Amy har gitt disse fargene.: aprikos, brunt og  sort.
Grand grandparents


Ch.Solnes River Dance,Brown ,toy
Ch.Solnes Rain Dance. Toy, Blk                  
Ch.Solnes I'm Just Sazzy, Black,toy  
Ch.Solnes Turkish Noel Brown,toy  
Solnes Turich Delight
Romar Heir apparant,Toy
Solnes A Night In Marmariz, Toy
Ch.Golden Strick Leo, apr, toy
Ch.Yamit Muskat Moulin.Apr, toy    
Ch.Solnes Peachcanei, Apricot, toy
Ch.Solnes I´m just Sazzy, Blk,toy
Ch.Ocharovanie Ursalina Zolotistaya, Apr,toy
Ch. Golden Eros V.D. Bockhoh.Ap
Golden Queen V.D.Bockhoh.Apr,toy

N.Sk. Ch.Solnes Maigold "Mia"

(Ch. Word Virginia´s Spesial Ulik x  Ch. Yamit Muskat Moulin)
Farge Aprikos/Apricot.   
Født/born: 10.01.08 
Oppdretter/breeder: Solnes Poodles.dk 
Color: apricot.Mia is eyechecked free, and are after PRCD tested  parents. Patella u.a 1/0  "Mia" is; Norwegian Champion, Slovakian champion, Norwegian winner 09, Slovakian Winner 09, Slovakian clubwinner 09,Sentral-East European winner 10. She has been BOB and grooup winner. In Norway She was also most winning toy poodle SAR 2010. Kvalificated for cruft in 2011.
Mia Lives with Marie Lindgren, Bergtjenna Poodles