Standardpoodle puppies - waiting. 💕

Head photo if Maggie

We hope that we will have standard poodle puppies here in Nov 2019. 

After: Triodame's High Chapparal x HCAW-17, N.DK.DKKLJ Ch.Wirothi's Highlights Street

'' Petter and Maggie''

Take contakt with me or kennel Triodame for more information.

Kennel Triodame:

On this combination I will go back on my own breeding line, and also use some of Ankaru and Triodame's breeding line. I hope that this combination will be a good match. 💞


We are waiting this litter about 07.11.2019


  • Ch. Wirothi's Highlights Street

  • Ch. Wirothi's Highlights Street


  • Triodame High Chapparal


Medium size litter

The puppies - medium size litter has now got there own home.

I wish you all good luck💞


Show news fra 24 og 25 aug 2019

We had a very nice weekend in Kristiansand this year.


Wirothi`s OnRush was BOS junior and BOS adult with CAC

Wirothi`s Mounthain High was BOB junior and BOB adult with CAC


Wirothi`s OnRush was BOB junior and 2 best bitch with res CAC

Wirothi`s Mountain High was BOS junior and 2 best male with CAC


We are happy.


Show news 25.07.19

At nasjonal dogshow in Råde 25.07.19, Wirothi's Neverstop '' Kristin'' got her second cac, and was BOB junior and BOS winner for judge Jensen, DK.

Thanks everyonene for a nice day. 😀

Show News 22.06.2019

Maura 22.06.19

Kristin was BOB winner in Maura today, and got also her first CAC. We are happy. 

Welcome to us Kåre


Awsome Game In Seattle 

(Ch.Lakebridge Summer In Seattle x Awesome Love Of Dove) 

Now we have a white standard here agine, from Carol Edholm, Sweden. We are happy, and we hope we can give Kåre a very nice life here with us❤️

Congratulations to the litter - O litter 30.05.19

Congratulations to the O litter. Standard poodle. You are 7 months today. 

A normal day at Wirothi Castle 30.05.19

A normal day at the Casle . The dogs plsying in the garden. 🙂

Puppies plan medium size in July 2019

We have make some puppies plan. We will try to have a medium size litter here in middle of July 2019. Black -white combinasjon. 🙂

 Look at page puppies litter P


Ch.Ninjia Kamui-N Deigini, blk, optigen pracd Normal,HD A, eye checked normal and patella checked normal

Berg&Blåne Glamorize, white, optigen normal, HD A, eye checked normal and patella checked normal.

Forvert til en av valpene søkes. Vedkommende må ikke bo så langt unna meg i Bamble. 

Show News 05.05.19

We was at puppy show in Moss this day. Our 2 puppies was very clever. 

Wirothi's Mountain High got HP and was BOS, and Wirothi's OnRush got HP, BOB and was also 4 in the group 9. We are happy. 

  • Wirothi's OnRush

May 2019🇧🇻

Easter 2019. Wirothi's OnRush 6 months old

Tia has been  now 6 months old. Our cute little girl. 🐤

This is a new side from 13.04.19

Have nice easter🐣

NKK - Kristiansand 2019

Kristin - Wirothi's Neverstop was BOB winner puppy at NKK Kristiansand, with a very nice critic for J. Levinska, Fin. My standard Ch. Wirothi's Highlights Street - Maggie was second best bitch for M. Gasby, UK. 

Our new standard poodle female

Wirothi's OnRush 

(Ch.Bar-Non Lock and Load x Ch.Wirothi's Flying High )


4 generations

At casle Wirothi wie have now 5 females , and 4 generations. 4 of them are BOS/BOB, group and BIS winners.. 

Ch.Wirothi's Whinny 'Ida' 10 years old 

Ch.Wirothi's Eyecatcher 'Selma' 6.5 years old

Ch.Wirothi's  Flying High  'Maija'  4 years old

Ch.Wirothi's Highlight Street 'Maggie ' 3 years old 

Ch.Wrothi's OnRush  ''Tia''  5 weeks old

We are happy ❤