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Happy Easter wishes to all of you in this Corona situations🐣

 About us😎

 We have a small poodle breeeding with years of exprecen. Objective is to have healthy dogs with a good temperament, which can be used to show,obedience, herding and agilitiy. But first and foremost that they are a family member and one companion./......

I utgangspunktet har vi et lite puddel oppdrett med lang erfaring. Målet er å få til friske og sunne hunder med et godt gemytt, som kan brukes både til utstilling, lydighet, bruks og agilitiy. Men først og fremst at de kan være et et familie medlem og en turkamerat.

Our breed: Dwarf, medium, standard and toy poodles

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We  have some puppies plan here in May 2020🥀🥀

Toy/Dwarf litter:

Pandorans New Ypplansuppiesear Vision x Pandorans Wildest Dream 

Litter Q:

We have also  puppies plan  Stanard poodle - here In May 2020

Wirothi's Moutain High x Dkjv-15,Dk.Ch Wirothi's Flying High


Litter R




Njv-19 Wirothi's Neverstop and Njv-19 Wirothi's OnRush

Products and food we use on our dogs came from:

🐾 Magaya 

🐾 Pure paws

🐾 Yuups 


🐾 Pure Paws 

🐾 Provit

🐾 Wom/hundemat